Kounatiadis Georgios
Homeopathic doctor

The basic factor that exists in every level of healing is the following: the whole process is set in motion not by the therapeutic medium but by the Healer’s Ιntention and the Way this is expressed. The essence of a homeopathic doctor is not merely providing a homeopathic remedy, but the in depth understanding of the Healing process, of the Healer’s role during his interaction with the patient, of discriminating which of the presenting complaints are to be cured, of the laws of healing and the acute observation during the interview.

I was born in the city of Drama, Greece. I have the memory of a simple life in the neighborhood. I lived in Thessaloniki during high school. In 1978 I began training in the medical school of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and graduated in 1984. I served at the Greek army and I was trained in surgery at the 424 Military Hospital in Thessaloniki for one year. I served for two years at a rural medical center in the small island of Amorgos, gaining precious general practitioner’s experience under harsh conditions. At this island I first heard of homeopathy.

Upon returning to Thessaloniki, I started training in general medicine. At the same time, I was studying homeopathy. I also had my first encounter with psychotherapy. I was trained for five years personally and professionally in the Centre of Analytical Jungian Psychology in cooperation with Ruolo Terapeutico in Milan, Italy and the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

In 1989 I started my professional work as a homeopathic doctor. In cooperation with other doctors we organized the first official training program of the Greek Society of Homeopathic Medicine, in which I was participating as a teacher until recently.

I am grateful to George Vithoulkas and Vassilis Ghekas next to whom I was trained, for helping me understand the basic laws of Homeopathy and I learnt from their experience. The same applies to Rajan Sankaran for expanding the “Law of Similars”.

As experience was gained and I was continuously concerned about the art of Healing and personal development, different models of Healing (clinical, analytical and homeopathic) started converging in a harmonic way, leading to a holistic view of human functions. This process occurred inside myself at first and afterwards in the daily practice of the art of Healing.