Doctors’ office

The doctor’s office is transmitting the sensation of healing due to its aesthetics, geometry and function. All the above are not merely decorative elements, but are used as therapeutic tools.

The office is organized. Appointments are kept on time, therefore a minimum number of people are gathered at the waiting room and patients can schedule their daily activities. Each appointment is confirmed by the secretary on the previous day.

As the waiting list is long, you are advised to book both the first appointment and the follow up appointment in advance. I have homeopathic doctors who belong to my team and all of them are appropriately trained and supervised by myself. You can confidently book an appointment with them, if an appointment with me is not easy to find. After this takes place, I will personally supervise the case on a specially assigned time and if necessary, I can be present during a part of the consultation.

In addition, the office is a place of specialized training of health professionals in the art of Healing. Detailed investigations are organized in order to recognize and investigate the characteristic mode of action of new homeopathic remedies, which do not yet exist in the international bibliography (Asphodelus, Dracunculus etc.).