Homeopathy and pediatrics

Written by Haroula Ioannou, doctor specialized in pediatrics

Homeopathic healing can be used in all age groups and can be a treatment of choice in pediatrics. Children are precious to their parents who desire to give them the best, especially regarding their health, which is priceless. As humans go through developmental stages, different challenges are met on the way. Homeopathy can be an important ally in this process, helping in the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

Homeopathic remedies are safe, have no side effects, have a low cost and deliver great results. They have a pleasant taste and children easily comply to the treatment.

Homeopathy can be a priceless therapeutic tool from the first day of life. It can also be used during pregnancy. Everyday issues of neonates and infants like difficulties with breastfeeding, difficult and painful dentition, diaper rash, constipation, sleep difficulties and also a multitude of more serious conditions can be wonderfully addressed with homeopathy.

The same applies to acute conditions of children like acute ear inflammation (otitis), acute inflammation of the tonsils, gastroenteritis, cystitis, injuries, acute dermatologic conditions like urticaria, impetigo etc., which can easily, quickly and effectively be cured using homeopathy.

The main advantage of homeopathic treatment is that chronic diseases can be cured. In this area conventional pediatrics often cannot offer permanent solutions. Homeopathy fortifies the child, reducing the tendency to have common illnesses and alters the natural progression of the disease. Conditions like hay fever, asthma, catching easily colds that lead to upper or lower respiratory tract inflammations, eczema, acne, involuntary nocturnal urination, headaches and sleep difficulties can be amazingly cured using homeopathy.

In addition, emotional disturbances or conduct disorders can be addressed with satisfactory results e.g. anxiety, school difficulties, divorce of the parents, aggression, attention deficit disorders or other learning difficulties.

Furthermore, issues like developmental disorders, neurological disorders, convulsions, autism can be addressed with homeopathy. By viewing each child as a unique entity, the homeopathic doctor, using a series of well-chosen remedies, can improve the child’s quality of life and his general development.

Constitutional prescribing lies at the core of homeopathic prescriptions, always looking at the totality of the symptoms. As a holistic method, homeopathy recognizes that illnesses of the body are often due to psychosomatic factors and also that psychological and mental illnesses are often somatized, presenting with physical complaints.

The main principle of homeopathic healing is the uniqueness of each individual, which leads to his unique way of reacting to stimuli and manifesting the disease. During the consultation great emphasis is placed on the patients’ character, on the possible causative factors of a symptom and to each specific symptom in detail. This why the prescription is individualized for each patient. Two children with the same presenting complaint may require different homeopathic remedies.

In conclusion, childhood is the best age to begin homeopathic treatment. This will lead to a better level of health and will help the developing child achieve his optimal potential.

Written by Haroula Ioannou, doctor specialized in pediatrics